Joke Silva Reveals Why Nollywood Marriages Fail

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Veteran Nigerian actress, Joke Silva in an interview with Entertainer has given her opinion on why she believes marriages in Nollywood are packing up.

She first revealed that marriages are packing up everywhere but that of those in Nollywood is popularized because of their fame. She also dished that social media is the end reality of many and it is having a lot of effect on the industry.

Joke Silva also revealed that once abuse be it physical or emotional becomes involved in a marriage, her advice is always to leave because when one dies the partner will go on living.

She advised counseling to help resolve matters before coming back together as a couple. She added that one cannot however adequately give advice on marriage issues to other people because one isn’t experiencing what the person is going through.

Lastly, the actress who has been married to Olu Jacobs for over a decade added that praying for God’s grace in marriage is essential.

The grace to have respect for each other is key according to her and the grace to want to have what is best for your partner is important.