Justin Bieber Almost Gets Into Fight While Playing Hockey

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Does 22 year old pop sensation, Justin Bieber have anger issues that we do not know about?

We cannot answer that except someone from his reps decides to snitch but what we do know is that he has been getting himself into quite a number of scuffles lately.

The “Sorry” hit maker almost got into a fight with another hockey player while they were playing.

From what we learn, he had a confrontation with the other player who broke his stick in two during a pickup game at LA’s Toyota Sports Center but luckily the referee was on hand to pull the singer away just before the fight started.

Is this how Justin wants to show off his newly acquired boxing skills because if you recall the Grammy award winning singer has been taking boxing classes? We are just glad that things didn’t get out of hand.

Late last month, the singer had punched a fan on the face causing the fan to bleed after the fan touched him for too long and he also got into a physical showdown with a much bigger man outside a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.