Justin Bieber Cleared Off Headbutting Fan Situation

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Like Chris Brown and Tyga, Justin Bieber has a way of always getting himself into one fix or the other other with the law. The “Sorry” crooner had himself in a messy situation when he was alleged to have headbutted a guy at a pre-Grammy party.

From what we gather of the situation, a man claimed JB struck him in the face for recording video of Bieber play fighting with Kyle Massey.

The video didn’t clearly show the headbutt though. Justin Bieber’s lawyers were able to get him off the hook because the guy didn’t want to press charges.

Not only that Justin’s lawyers refused to let the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. have a sitdown with Justin, and since the alleged victim was radio silent, the investigation fizzled out.

It would be recalled we reported Justin was recently in Brazil where he is facing possible arrest for something he did four years ago. He separated graffiti on a hotel during his stay there but left the country before charges could be pressed.

His return to the country had the case reopened. He has the option of paying a fine or serving time.