Justin Bieber Gets Busted For Lying About Sickness To Avoid Court Date

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Justin Bieber might be one of the biggest pop stars on the surface of the earth but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have personal troubles as well.

The Grammy award winning singer recently called in sick for a deposition but now lawyers claim the singer was lying and they have proof of it.

According to the attorneys repping a songwriter who claims Bieber jacked a sample for “Sorry”, Bieber was seen partying at a house party and also layer seen clubbing which is far from his claims that he was too sick to show up in court for a deposition.

The lawyers are especially pissed since they had to fly out to L.A. from Nashville to make it easier for Justin only to find YouTube videos of JB chugging beers at Bootsy Bellows in the early morning hours of the very day he was supposed to be at the depo.

They now want the court to fly out to Nashville in early March, and do the depo on their turf. Neither Justin nor his team have said anything about this yet.

It would be recalled that Justin Bieber was a no show at the recently held Grammy Awards and he didn’t win anything so we can’t say he missed much.