Justin Bieber Goes Back To His Debut Hairstyle

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When a young faced Justin Bieber first became popular, we all remember his famous hairstyle which was almost covering his eyes and made him look like an adorable youngster that he was.

Over the years, we have seen Justin transform into a man grown and we never for a second thought that a day would come when we would catch him with that famous haircut again.

Justin Bieber Goes Back To His Debut Hairstyle

Justin however proved that he really meant it when he sang, Never Day Never, as he was spotted looking like his 2010 younger self while grabbing lunch at the Montage Beverly Hills. Don’t we just miss those good old days of Justin Bieber innocence?

We have to say we still love this hairstyle better than some of the things he has rocked over the years. What are your thoughts about his new look or should we say old look?