Justin Bieber Impersonator Demanding For Nudes From Fans

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A Justin Bieber impersonator identified as Bryan Asrary has been arrested by the police for exporting nudes from fans of the singers. Bryan is in the habit of getting them to send him nude photos especially young ones with pretense that he is the singer.

In another instance, Bryan tricked a 9 year old girl back in 2014 lying to her that he knew the singer and could arrange a meeting for her.

He went on to pretend to be the Sorry singer and asked her for nudes, threatening to hurt her if she doesn’t with the girl ending up sending nude selfies and video.

It was after he got in touch with her last year threatening to release the nudes if she doesn’t send more that she told her mom and the police got involved leading to Bryans arrest. He has since confessed to extortion, child porn and other charges.

Justin Bieber recently commented on his ex, Selena Gomez’s relationship with singer, The Weeknd saying she is using him for attention.