Justin Bieber Ordered By Judge To Return To Miami

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We don’t know who has more legal problems between Chris Brown and Justin Bieber because it always seem when they have just settled one, they are in on another one.

A Florida judge has order “Sorry” singer, Justin Bieber to return to Miami from the international leg of his Purpose World Tour for a deposition stemming from a 2014 lawsuit.

In case you forgot, the 22 year old singer had a run in with photographer, Manuel Munoz two years ago when Justin was outside SET Nightclub and noticed that Manuel was taking photos of him.

justin bieber fight with Manuel Munoz

Not forgetting all those run-ins with the paparazzi…

He wasn’t too pleased with this and Bieber;s bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson was alleged to have chased the photographer into a nearby subway restaurant and beat him up to recover the photos.

Justin has been given 30 days to return to Miami so as to answer questions by Manuel’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden over the attack and this is sure going to affect JB’s tour because he was scheduled to end it in November.

Should JB fail to turn up, the judge threatened to issue a writ of bodily attachment, which allows sheriff’s deputies to haul in the young singer if he doesn’t come voluntarily.