Justin Bieber Punches Fan In the Face

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We all know that Justin Bieber likes to throw punches when things are not going his way and he has just left an overzealous fan with a bloody face.

The Grammy award winning Sorry crooner was arriving by chauffeur-driven car for his concert at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi stadium when he rolled down his window to greet fans.

Bieber Punches Fan

A fan had then come forward and was touching Bieber’s upper hand which must have aggrieved Bieber because he punched the youngster.

Although police won’t be inviting sting a criminal case because the person involved is a minor, we learn that the fan might be pressing charges for misdemeanour.

The blow left not only the fan but a whole lot of others shocked after the boy showed his bloody lips to the cameras.

Bieber Punches Fan

This is not the first time Justin has gotten into similar incidents as the 22 year old Justin famously got into an altercation with Orlando Bloom in the summer of 2014.

More recently, in June, the singer got into a physical showdown with somebody much less famous, though a lot bigger, when he reportedly picked a fight with 6ft 5in fan Lamont Richmond outside a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.