Justin Bieber About To Be Sued For Headbutting A Fan

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Justin Bieber didn’t know how to stay out of trouble, that much we know about him. Is it too late for him to say sorry? It might appear so in the case of his head butting a fan which is about to go to court.

The Sorry crooner allegedly headbutted a fan at a pre-Grammy party, and now the case is about to land on the District Attorney’s desk.

Sources close to J.B reveal that he hasn’t said anything to the cops about the battery case when he went off on a guy for shooting video of him “play fighting” with Kyle Massey.

Justin is however not ready to talk to the police and for this, the case may head to court.

Although the case is thin since the only evidence appears to be video which doesn’t clearly show the attack and the alleged victim not wanting to press charges, Justin might be able to get off.

We wait to see if the office of the district attorney would decide to go on with the case.