Kendall Jenner Faces Backlash Over Controversial Pepsi Advert

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Model Kendall Jenner is currently in the eye of the storm following the Pepsi advert which was released on Tuesday.

Many consumers are not feeling the Pepsi commercial and have taken to dragging both the drink company and 21 year old on social media.

The advert is sees Kendall join some sort of protest or rally of and then handing a cop a can of soda. It appears Kendall solves racial tensions between cops and protester with a can of soda.

Many aren’t feeling the advert though and are shredding it to pieces with their comments. Some have described the advert as a complete disaster while some labeled it tone deaf.

Many have also aired their views that they don’t get the message the ad is supposedly depicting while some simply just loathe the advert itself.

It will be recalled that Kendall had a burglary at her home recently and she was robbed blind of $200,000 worth of jewellery.