Kendall Jenner Fires Bodyguard Following Home Burglary

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21 year old model, Kendall Jenner has fired her security guard one day after she was robbed of $200k worth of jewelry in her home.

Kendall decided to part ways with the bodyguard who was stationed outside her house since she believes it was an inside job. From what we reported earlier, the possibility that Kendall was home when the incident happened is very high.

The robber or robbers found way into Kendall’s bedroom and stole $200k in jewelry. It all happened between one hour when Kendall went out at around midnight only to discover that she had been robbed blind.

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We gather that some of the items stolen include a Rolex and a Cartier watch. In case you forgot, Kendall’s elder sister, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris just five months ago.

Kim’s longtime bodyguard, Pascal, was given his walking papers after the Paris robbery, because he left the apartment with Kourtney and Kendall shortly before the invasion.