Kendall Jenner Joins The Family Business And Get Lips Filter! See Her New Look

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Fans are totally freaking out over supermodel, Kendall Jenner’s new look after she was seen in a picture with much fuller lips.

Her lips were looking similar to that of her younger sister, Kylie Jenner and fans started asking if she had joined the rest of her family in getting lip filters.

So far, it appears that Kendall is the only one that has not yet hopped on the lip filter train so fans were left disappointed.

However, Kylie has taken to Snapchat to correct the impression by revealing that Kendall didn’t get lip filters. In truth, Kylie was the one who made her older sister up and used lip liner to make her lips look fuller.

So fans can rest easy knowing Kendall didn’t have lip filters. It would be recalled that Kendall recently deleted her Instagram account without giving reason to why she decided to quit the social media platform.