Kim Kardashian Receives Backlash For Launching A Virgin Mary Kimoji

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Kim Kardashian as we all know has rakes in millions of dollars from her emoji called Kimoji. As part of restrategizing, the mother of two has gone ahead and put her face on the Virgin Mary for a emoji which has many fans upset.

The new emoji was sent out in a tweet to show off the new series of kimojis available. A particular fan said that while Kim finds it okay to lash at people for making fun of Armenians which is Kim’s roots and their history…

Kim finds it fun to make an emoji pit of the Virgin Mary which is sacred to Catholics. Another fan said it is blatantly disrespectful while yet another says that Kim should stop trying to appropriate religion.

Kim has refused to respond to all the negative backlash as she was seen stepping out yesterday in a tight black dress with the Virgin Mary’s face on it, presumably for a photo shoot, so this is obviously something that’s dear to her at the moment.

One thing we all know is that virginity and Kim Kardashian don’t exactly go hand in hand.