Kim Kardashian Has Stretch Marks Removed Via Surgery

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Kim Kardashian is known for her next to perfect body but then with two kids, it means she has to face a common problem other women face, stretch marks.

The reality TV star however took to snapchat to reveal that she visited Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian to have her post-pregnancy stretch marks removed.

In the video which she shared with her millions of fans, she said she feels excited about finally doing it after being scared for so long of doing it. According to her, it hurts badly and at the same time it didn’t hurt badly but she is very excited.

She also thanked the doctor for the procedure which reportedly costs anywhere between $2,900 and $4,900 per area and people typically recover within a few days.

Dr. Ourian is no stranger to the Kardashian family as he gave Kylie Jenner her famous lip fillers and has been known for doing A-list procedures.

Just over the weekend, chilling footage of the masterminds behind Kim’s Paris robbery attack was released by the media and scenes from the crime also made available to the public.