Lady Gaga Gets Dragged Into Kesha’s Legal Battle With Dr. Luke

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A Million Reasons hit maker, Lady Gaga has found herself dragged smack into the middle of the legal tussle between singer Kesha and producer, Dr. Luke.

The music producer is suing Kesha with a defamation claim over a text she sent to Lady Gaga on February 26, 2016. Luke’s legal team believes that the text was part of a malicious campaign to destroy Dr. Luke’s reputation and career.

Dr Luke

Although the public is not privilege to the contents of the text as it has been sealed by a judge, we gather that the text falsely states that another female recording artist had been raped by Dr. Luke.

Interestingly Kesha didn’t mention his name in the text but he believes that it is clear they were talking about him.

Lady Gaga Comes Out To Personally Support Kesha

Kesha on the other hand has filed her own complaint against Dr. Luke on Monday, claiming he has a vendetta against Kesha her and that he hasn’t allowed her to work or release new music.

Kesha’s contract stipulates she releases three new albums before she can be free from Sony but the over twenty-two songs she sent to them has not been approved.

Lady Gaga stands with sexual assault survivors after her performance on stage

Lady Gaga stands with sexual assault survivors after her performance on stage at the Oscars.

In other Lady Gaga news, the Grammy award winning songstress is preparing for her debut Super Bowl halftime performance. Lady GaGa and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta were seen performing synchronized cartwheels and they looked very happy.

It is not yet clear whether Lady Gaga will be making a political statement during her performance.