Lady Gaga Might Perform With Beyoncé During Super Bowl Halftime Performance

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The stage is all set for Lady Gaga to perform on one of the biggest stages of her career, the Super Bowl Halfitme performance and she has just teased fans with a clue that she might be performing with her predecessor, the very Beyoncé.

In case you don’t know, Beyonce performed the last two editions of the Super Bowl halftime performance and since she has collaborations like Video Phone and Telephone with Lady Gaga, it isn’t impossible that the Mother Monster might pull a surprise stunt like bringing Beyoncé on board.

Gaga has been sharing pictures with her fans as she gets ready for her big day and everyone has been wondering what surprise she would bring.

While many are speculating if the multiple Grammy award winning songstress would be making a political statement just like Beyoncé, others are simply hoping she brings Beyoncé in.

Just recently, Lady Gaga got dragged into the lawsuit between singer, Kesha and music producer, Dr. Like over a text Kesha sent to her on February 26, 2016.

Although the details of the text are unknown, Dr. Luke believes that it is defamatory and part of a malicious campaign to destroy his reputation and career.