Lady Gaga Surprises A Japanese Couple On Their Wedding Day

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Mother Monster might be a lot of things but one thing anybody cannot accuse her of is not caring about her fans.

Lady Gaga made the wedding of a fan a memorable one when she crashed a wedding while visiting Central Park’s Strawberry Fields with a film crew.

The wedding was that of a Japanese couple and we learn that even though Gaga didn’t know them, she made sure to tell the couple, “I love you,” in her best Japanese.

Following this show of affection, the mother monster made a spontaneous and risky exit but not after making sure that she gave the newlyweds a congratulatory hug. No wonder she is one of the most influential celebrities in the world today.

Just recently, Lady Gaga stopped by James Corden’s The Late Show for some carpool karaoke where she belted out some of her classic hit songs. In case you forgot, Lady Gaga is getting ready to release her album titled “Joanne” this coming November.