Lady Gaga Tweets Support For Kanye West Amidst Mental Breakdown Turmoil

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Lady Gaga is coming out to show her support for rapper, Kanye West as she has taken to twitter to ask fans to be kind and loving towards the rapper as he battles his inner demons.

The Joanne singer urged her followers to have compassion for Kanye saying that it is not funny to joke about anyone’s possible or not possible mental illness as this is a sensitive time for many.

Gaga is not the first celebrity to stand by Kanye as his friend, John Legend was one of the first celebs that spoke out concerning Kanye’s state of health. John Legend said Kanye has been going through a lot and that he was worried about what he saw.

He said while many would like to believe that Kim’s robbery has something to do with the 39 year old rapper’s mental breakdown, it is more than that.

Kanye has since been checked into hospital where he is receiving treatment. We all hope he gets better soon and that his best friend, Jay Z would reach out to him.