Landlord Threatens To Evict Soulja Boy Over Debt

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Soulja Boy is sure having a bad year so far, first he got into a feud with Chris Brown and then had his home burgled.

The thief made off with $10k in cash and another $11k worth of jewelry and now we learn he is in debt with the landlord threatening to take legal action.

From what we were able to gather, he is owing $6k for his Hollywood Hills home which he rented three months ago. The pad comes at $6k a month and he is currently a month behind and counting. The landlord is passed further since whenever he demands rent, he gets blown off.

The landlord has now about had it with Soulja Boy who was also arrested in the same house last month after he violated his probation. The landlord has said if by the end of the week, the entertainer doesn’t pay, he is getting his legal team against him.

In the meanwhile, Soulja Boy also has mother worry on his plate, his upcoming boxing match with Chris Brown!