Layla Lace Slams Drake For Allegedly Dumping Her After Announcing Pregnancy

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An Instagram model, Layla Lace has taken to Instagram to slam Canadian rapper, Layla Lace for allegedly impregnating her and failing to take responsibility. According to her, he unceremoniously dumped her after learning that she was pregnant.

The 30 year old claims that Drake contacted her through his friend, DJ Spade, after seeing pictures of her online. She was put on a plane to London where Drake was having a your and two months later she discovered she is pregnant.

She allegedly reached out to him but his good guy behaviour in public is fake because the minute he heard she is pregnant, he stopped responding to her.

Layla further went on to say that while she hates putting her business out in public, she has come to discover that unless she is messy and ratchet, people won’t give her the respect she deserves. She is also threatening to make a field day out of the whole situation.

Drake is yet to respond to the allegation but it would be recalled we reported an intruder was apprehended at his home. The intruder stole soda and water worth $10 although the Grammy winner wasn’t home when the incident happened.