M.I Abaga Reacts To Ice Prince And Girlfriend Maima Cheating Scandal

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To do amebo is not an easy task but we will always do our best to make sure you are in the know. There has been cheating rumours trailing Maima the girlfriend of star rapper Ice Prince as some photos of her and a man called Akin emerged on social media.

In a reaction that shocked many, rather than get upset, Ice Prince defended his girlfriend instead and said that he knows she is faithful to him despite the photos that are suggesting otherwise causing many fans to lash out at him for being a weakling.

ice prince , Maima Nkewa

According to Ice Prince he has her back and is even planning on releasing a song in her honour. Chocolate City boss M.I Abaga has also put his mouth in the matter saying that he has respect for Ice Prince for such an action in a situation where many men would have overreacted.

According to what busy body people are saying, the man called Akin bought Maima her first car, sent her and her sister abroad and takes care of her well.


The pictures are really incriminating and one would be tempted to believe that she is indeed cheating on the rapper but we don’t all know for sure and since person way get boo don talk say no shaking, make people go rest.

Maima and Ice Prince seem to be really serious about themselves for him to be defending her like this. What do you all think of the situation, is she guilty or innocent?