Maje Ayida Takes Legal Action Against Toke Makinwa Over Controversial Book, On Becoming

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Fitness and health expert, Maje Ayida is taking a legal action against his ex-wife, Toke Makinwa following the release of her tell all book, On Becoming. The highly controversial book which details her relationship with him exposes many aspects of their life and now Maje is saying that the book contains nothing but fabricated and exaggerated lies.

Maje has now hired the services of law firms in both the United Kingdom and Nigeria to handle the case. The law firms, Carter-Ruck, a leading defamation law firm in the UK has served clients like Simon Cowell, Elton John and Chelsea FC while Kemi Pinheiro (SAN) of Pineiro LP is heading the legal front in Nigeria.

According to Maje and his legal team, he requested for a legal separation from her in 2014, a fact she failed to mention in the book and also he never gave her STI as claimed in the book. They go on to claim the book mislead the public to believe he did not financially contribute adequately to the failed marriage.

maje ayida, Toke Makinwa

The effect of the book on his career is one they claim has opened him to public ridicule and also assaulted, injured and damaged his reputation, professional integrity also professional credibility built over the years through dedicated hard work. They are now demanding that Toke should retrieve the already sold books and stop all forms of distribution.

They also mandate her to withdraw from circulation all copies of the book and take immediate steps to call in all copies of the book already distributed and deliver up same at the place to be agreed upon for destruction. Maje isn’t stopping there as he also wants a full page apology in three national dailies otherwise they would begin legal action against Toke.

Toke was given seven days upon receipt of the letter to comply with the demands and the said letter was said to have been delivered to Makinwa on Monday, December 23, 2016. The media personality is however set to hold a book reading in Ghana today, February 3.

We wait to see how this plays out.