Mercy Aigbe’s Beach Wear Photo Generates Controversy

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Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe apparently can not enjoy the comfort of the beach in peace again because of her celebrity status.

The married actress shared photos of herself relaxing at the beach in her swimwear and many of her followed have since been blasting her.

Most of the users criticizing the actress believe that as a role model, married woman and mother, she shouldn’t be posting a photo of herself in beachwear.

Some others however came to the award winning actress defense by pointing out that her outfit is appropriate for a beach and besides most of those criticizing her usually praise a Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian when they post similar photos.

If you ask us, we believe this is a matter of personal morality, if you are offended by her actions, you can always unfollow and stop trying to condemn other people all the time.

The actress is after all still human right? We guess people just enjoy bashing Mercy Aigbe lately.