All You Need To Know About Ben Affleck Alcohol Addiction

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Hollywood actor in a Facebook post on Tuesday shocked the world when he revealed that he has been to rehab to help cure him of alcohol addiction.

The screen star who revealed in his post that his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner has been there for him also thanked her for her support.

Sources close to the 44 year old are now revealing that he has actually been battling his addiction to alcohol for some time now.

His decision to seek rehab was so that he can get healthy again and that Jen was also happy he decided to work on himself.

Another source claim that earlier last year, Ben was doing great. He was making an effort to stay healthy, but then something happened around the holidays that made him slip.

It is good to know the Justice League star has been able to get the help he needs and that Jen has been nothing but supportive and understanding.

We hope he is able to remain sober and continue to entertain us with his talent.