Obsessed Taylor Swift Fan Arrested For Climbing Her Roof

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Multiple Grammy award winning songstress, Taylor Swift has a history with stalkers that doesn’t seem like it’s about to go away anytime soon. An obsessed fan has been arrested at her $20 million NYC penthouse.

The fan identified as 29-year-old Mohammed Jaffar was all over her building, in the lobby and the roof because he was hell-bent on getting a face-to-face with the singer.

According to legal documents, he showed up multiple times over the last few months, hanging out on the roof one night between 10 PM and 2 AM.

There was even a time he rang her doorbell incessantly once for an hour straight. He has since been arrested for stalking and burglary and is being held on $20k bond.

Asides Taylor Swift, other celebs who live in the building include Orlando Bloom and Steven Soderbergh. It would be recalled that Taylor’s ex, Tom Hiddleston recently revealed to GQ that his relationship with her wasn’t a publicity stunt.