Olajumoke Orisaguna Thanks Fans As She Celebrates One Year Of Stardom

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Nigerians can’t forget in a hurry when former breadseller, Olajumoke Orisaguna took the internet by storm when she was discovered by celebrity photographer and singer, TY Bello.

Olajumoke earlier today took to social media to thank everyone who has helped in her journey to stardom.

In her post, she said she woke up this morning feeling very emotional as it has been one year since God used TY Bello to turn her story around.

The beginning! #Grace #Grateful 🙏🏼 #olajumokeorisaguna

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She went on to reflect on her life in January 2016 and what her life is now in 2017 saying it still feels like a dream. She thanked her supporters, colleagues, fans, critics, and role models.

She also says she would continue to work on herself not to disappoint all those who believe in her while asking them to bear her mistakes and inadequacies.

She revealed that there are nights when she and her husband wake up to pray for everyone and appreciate the support. She went on to thank the brands and organizations who have supported her while concluding with words of prayers.

Olajumoke hit stardom when she photobombed the photoshoot of singer, Tinie Tempah back in 2016.