Omoni Oboli’s Okafor’s Law Becomes A Box Office Hit

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Nollywood actress and producer, Omoni Oboli is seriously smiling to the banks right now as her latest flick, Okafor’s Law has become a box office hit.

The movie is doing so well at the cinemas that it has topped the box office record for last week and currently topping this week also. The movie which at first faced a court injunction is beating out competing movies at the cinemas.

Movies such as John Wick, Beauty and the Beast, Kung: Skull Island, Life, Logan, Pathetic and Ojukokoro stand no chance against it as Okafor’s Law continues to dominate.

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Okafor’s Law is Omoni Oboli’s fourth production and it is in its second week at the cinemas. Omoni Oboli has been touring cinemas in different parts of Nigeria to meet and greet fans who come out to show support for Nollywood movies.

It would be recalled that a Nigerian scriptwriter, James Idada accused the actress of not paying him for the movie’s script after he wrote it for her and this lead to the court injunction. He also alleged to have written her 2014 movie, Being Mrs. Elliot.