Peter Okoye Comes Under Heavy Criticism For Campaigning For Hillary Clinton

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Nigerian have no chills and if you want to know the full extent of their wrath, just post something that they don’t agree with on social media.

Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye of P Square came under heavy blast earlier today from fans after he posted a picture of US presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton to wish her a happy birthday and also ask people to vote for her.

Many Nigerians didn’t find this funny at all as they believe that it is not his business to campaign for another country’s presidential hopeful while others simply slammed him for being hypocritical.

In his post, he had said people should vote to secure a better future for their children and many also berated him pointing out that Hilary is a supporter of abortion.

Is there anything wrong with a Nigerian celebrity campaigning for someone in another country? You let us know.