Photo Of DJ Accused Of Grabbing Taylor Swift’s Bare Buttocks Surfaces

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David Mueller was sued by singer Taylor Swift for grabbing her ass sometime back. According to her, she was posing for a photograph and he reached up under her skirt and grabbed her ass.

One interesting thing about the case is that Taylor didn’t want the photo released but unfortunately, the photo has now surfaced online.

David Mueller, the radio DJ in the eye of the storm however believes that the photo weakens Taylor’s case against him because it clearly shows that he doesn’t have his hand up her skirt as she had claimed.

DJ Accused Of Grabbing taylor-swift butt

All he had was his hand behind her in an awkward hand placement. He further explained that he leaned into the shot at the last minute.

He might just be able to win the case considering she denied having endorsed Kanye West’s controversial song, “Famous” in which the rapper talks about having sex with her.

Fast forward to sometime later, Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian releases an audio tape of Taylor actually giving her approval for the same song she claimed she knew nothing about.