Remy Ma Slams Nicki Minaj In Yet Another Diss

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Nicki Minaj hasn’t heard the end of the one sided feud with Remy Ma. The internet was set ablaze after Remy Ma released Shether, a diss track which totally tore Nicki into shreds.

As if that wasn’t enough, Remy Ma released yet another titled, Another One although the internet didn’t feel it as much as the first. Remy is still blowing hot because she has now revealed that Nicki better run for cover if she ever tries to cross Remy again.

In a Facebook Live session, Remy Ma revealed that she came after the “Anaconda” rapper so hard because the 36-year-old believes that she is the real number one woman in the biz.

Remy Ma also said she doesn’t care anymore and there is nothing even to think about. She went on to joke that she recently reaslised she has really mastered the art of arguing and I thought maybe she should have taken it a little easier.

Remy claims it is over for her and that if Nicki decides to respond it is fine because she has said what she wants to say. Since the feud started, Nicki is yet to respond.