Rihanna Goes Naked For Shower Murder Scene In Bates Motel

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It is no longer news that pop goddess, Rihanna is playing the role of Marion in Bates Motel.

The Work singer us playing the iconic Marion Crane who gets murdered in the shower in the movie but Rihanna had fans excited after she totally flipped the script.

In a preview, the multiple Grammy award winning songstress who was supposed to be murdered by Norman played by Freddie Highmore on the show is seen finishing her shower and then stepping out before saying “Screw this shit.”

Fans have since gone wild and be hailing the Bajan beauty since in the original, she was supposed to be murdered while in the shower.

Rihanna Reveals She Couldn't Stand Her Sex Scene In Bates Motel

Rihanna Reveals She Couldn’t Stand Her Sex Scene In Bates Motel

While some are saying only Rihanna can pull of not getting murdered in what has to be the most iconic murder victim of all times, others are saying only Rihanna has the power to curve a murderer.

Twitter is currently wild over the scene and we do know only Rihanna can elicit such a reaction.