Rob Kardashian Giving Up On Life Again?

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You may think that Rob Kardashian is a big baby with the way he behaves sometimes but that does not mean we don’t all care about him. There are new reports that the expectant father is giving up on life again.

He is said to have gained weight and begun to retreat to the confines of his home. His family members are also reported to be worried about him and fear for his life.

The rumours have it that it is because he and his fiancée, Blac Chyna have split and that all the weight that he lost when with her, he has decided to gain back again.

Rob Kardashian

It is interesting to note that it was Chyna who was able to pull him out of his depression before but now it seems that her relationship with him is sinking him under again.

It would be recalled that just this week, Rob leaked his youngest sister, Kylie Jenner’s phone number on Twitter because family didn’t invite Chyna to the baby shower that they organized in his honour.