Shocking! Man Alleges Daddy Freeze Snatched His Wife

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Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has found himself in the midst of a wife snatching mess after an accuser identifying as Andela Smith took to social media to allege that the OAP is a wife snatcher.

According to the accuser, Freeze’s current partner, Benedicta Elechi, was still legally married when she started having an affair with Daddy Freeze.

The accuser went who has chosen to hide behind a faceless profile went on to allege that Freeze impregnated his ‘bae’ in her matrimonial home and they had a son in 2015 from the illicit love affair.

Andela further Alleges that Freeze destroyed his own home with excuses of domestic violence and has slammed Freeze who is known for his criticism of religious leaders as being an hypocrite.

Andela is also threatening to spill more tea on the issue and asking that Benedicta leave Freeze’s home in 1004, Lekki, Lagos.

Daddy Freeze is yet to respond to the allegations leveled against him and we are all waiting to hear his own side of the story eagerly.