Skales Reveals The Hardship He And Mother Faced Before His Stardom

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Skales might be living the celebrity life many envy now but there has been a time when his story was a pitiable one. In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, the singer has revealed he had a very tough childhood.

In the interview, Skales revealed that things were so tough for him while growing up that he used to sleep in a shopping complex with his mother.

According to him, his father left them when he was young and he doesn’t know what his father looks like. During his primary and secondary school days in Kaduna, they had to sleep in a shopping complex.

He also revealed how he was sent out of school over nonpayment of school fees and how he had to steal school uniform because his was bad and he lied to his mother he saved up for it.


He even denied his mother who would go to his friends’ houses to do their laundry because he was embarrassed. He didn’t let any of his friends  know where he lived because most of them were children of politicians.

He later moved to Lagos and squatted with someone for months. He said his only hope at the time was his music.

On the rumours that he has a baby mama, he denied this saying he does not have a baby mama and does not plan on having a child till he is married. He however did reveal he is planning on getting married in about ten years time.