Snoop Dogg And Future Reveal Why They Didn’t Attend Superbowl Party Gig

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Some big names like Snoop Dogg, Future, Flo Rida and other big names failed to attend a Super Bowl party gig and the promoters attempted to blame it on terrorist sect, ISIS.

The duo of Snoop Dogg and Future have however revealed that this reason given by the promoters is totally bogus as the real reason is money.

The Saturday night party in Houston called “Super Bash,” was also supposed to have the likes of Nick Cannon and Floyd Mayweather who were also visibly absent from the gig which had its ticket selling from $75 to $5,000 each.

There was however a bomb threat a few blocks away and they capitalized on this. Snoop Dog, Flo Rida and Future however never inked a deal with the promoters since they didn’t get paid hence the reason for their absence.

Floyd on the other hand did promote the party on his social media but it’s not clear whether he got paid for doing this. Floyd however didn’t also attend the party.

When you plan on bringing so many entertainment big names to a party, you better be ready to cough up some serious money.