Sonia Morales Shares What Men Should Do To Their Women

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Married Columbian beauty, Sonia Morales who is married to Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has shared what she believes men should do to their women to show how much they are in love with her and are ready to prove their loyalty.

She shared the photo of a couple in which the man is seen grabbing the lady’s butt and she says this is the same way a man should grab his lady’s butt in front of the women that wants him and the one men that wants her.

The mother of one and her husband, IK are no strangers to public display of affection so we are not surprised that such an advice is coming from her.

Earlier last month, the mother of one shared a sultry image of herself and referred to herself as an unpredictable wife material.

According to the Colombian beauty, she breaks the norms and create them because she cannot just obey and neither does she serve. Sonia says she does magic and has superpowers because she changes lives around her being a woman of her own kind.