Sophie Momodu Has A Reply For Those Hating On Single Mothers

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Davido’s baby mama, Sophie Momodu is blowing hot as she comes for those who hate on her for being a single mother.

Do we need to remind you that the baby mama trend is no longer a new thing in Nigeria? The mother of one took to Snapchat to put all her haters in their place.

According to what she posted, most of those judging her are those who have gotten abortions and she believes that the killed babies would be waiting for them on judgement day.

They should rather leave her and the other single mothers out there alone. Some people still are not buying into that however as some are saying that the person who had an abortion and the person who is a single mother are still sinners.

In case you forgot, Davido has a daughter, Imade for Nigerian award winning singer Davido and in times past they have had issues over custody of the child which rocked the internet but all that has since been settled.