Stevie Wonder Sued For Unpaid Tax, The Amount Will Shock You

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Stevie Wonder is one of music’s biggest legends but that hasn’t stopped him for raking in some tax debts.

In his defence he wouldn’t be the first celebrity to be getting used for tax but what makes his case special is that the amount seems to insignificant that it is the smallest amount ever for a celeb.

Steve might just simply have forgotten to pay the tax collector because he is owing L.A. County says $645.32 for unpaid property taxes.

Now that is not so much money to pay for someone like Stevie right? Many celebs usually rack up millions to thousands of dollars but Stevie only owes a couple of hundred bucks so we are putting it on clerical error.

Stevie’s camp did not comment on the situation when media tried reaching them but we are sure they are already handling things.