Terry G Pledges Support Towards Nationwide Protest Against Nigerian Government

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More and more Nigerian celebrities are coming out to support the called nationwide massive protest that is set to hold this month of February.

The latest celebrity to lend his voice to the cause is Terry G as he took to Instagram to show support towards the protest which was made popular by legendary Nigerian singer, 2Face Idibia.

Terry G in a post says that he is in support of any move that will put Nigeria back to the position where the masses have a say and are not treated like zombies. He went on to write that Nigerians are suffering and it does not make sense and as such it has to come to an end.

The entertainer also said the country does not need any politician or politicians from any of the parties that have failed this country to be involved in the protest which is scheduled for February 6 of this year.

He also used the opportunity to clear the air that the protest is being sponsored by any politician or political party.

According to him, we need to be neutral with the protest and it is more about changing the country for the better because the same people will protest if it becomes politically motivated.