Has Tiwa Savage Joined The Illuminati?

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The question of stars that are members of the illuminati is one that has been controversial for many years and when Nigerian queen of songs, Tiwa Savage decided to get herself signed by Roc Nation which is owned by Jay Z, many congratulated her.

That is until she started doing the controversial pyramid sign at the end of her performance which has got many wondering if she has joined the illuminati.

Tiwa Savage Joined The Illuminati

The triangle effects used on stage is one of Illuminati symbol

Many believe that Roc Nation decided to approach her because of her talent and fame and that she shouldn’t let herself be used as an agent for the devil while some are of the opinion that it is only a simply sign and people should stop reading meanings into it.

Tiwa can be seen holding out her hand is what is speculated to be an illuminati symbol and we can’t help but wonder if it is but an innocent sign or something deeper? Tiwa, Tiwa on the wall, won’t you please answer your fans?