Toke Makinwa Wishes For An Obama Type Of Marriage

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Following the crash of her first marriage to Maje Ayida due to cheating issues, Toke Makinwa has not made it a secret that she wishes to walk down the aisle with a man she believes is more deserving of her.

Taking to instagram, she has shared that her next marriage has to be like that of the president of the United States, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

She wrote to her future husband saying that she is working hard on herself to build an empire, grow spiritually and emotionally. She also said she is pushing through the odds and striving to be the best partner he will have ever dreamed of.

Toke says she is ready to go to war with him by her side and also pray him to success. She obviously is getting lonely because she asked her ‘partner in crime’ to come.

Maje had impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon causing Toke to file for divorce from her first marriage. We hope that a second marriage works out right for her just as she wishes.