Toke Makinwa Writes A Letter To Her 18 Year Old Self To Mark International Women’s Day

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Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa is celebrating international women’s day which is today by writing a letter to her 18 year old self as an encouragement to women out there.

In her letter, she wrote that she knows she feels all grown up but there is so much growing up ahead that won’t cross her mind in five years. She also advised that she shouldn’t stress the little stuff but instead enjoy the process and cherish the moment.

She also says no one will prepare her for the twists to love ideas that she has in her head but it is called experience. She encouraged herself to believe in herself more because she is talented. She pointed out that boys are distractions so there is no need to kill oneself over that one boy.

She encouraged that beauty is not what the world says it is and even when one thinks one have it all figured out, one should be prepared for more challenges and failure.

She however said one doesn’t fail but learn and grow. She concluded by asking that one should find God early because one would need him to get through life. This is so encouraging wouldn’t you say?