Tom Hiddleston Spills All The Juice On His Failed Romance With Taylor Swift

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Hollywood actor, Tom Hiddleston and singer, Taylor Swift became one of the most talked about celebrity couples of last year after they were pictured kissing shortly after she broke up with Calvin Harris.

Although it has been five months since they went their separate ways, Tom is spilling all the secrets about his torrid three months romance with the Blank Space singer.

Tom Hiddleston

In an interview with GQ, Tom clear d the air that their relationship was for publicity as he revealed that they had been truly in love at the time.

He described her as an amazing woman who is generous, kind and lovely and they had the best time while it lasted.

Taylor Swift , Tom Hiddleston

Tom also revealed they had both been hurt with how the world kept picking apart their relationship. According to him, he has had to be psychologically strong about not letting other people’s interpretations about his life affect him.

He went on to say he is still trying to understand how he can have a private life without making it public while at the same time not having to hide it.

Tom Hiddleston,Taylor Swift

On whether he regrets hooking up with the Bad Blood hitmaker, Tom says he doesn’t and can’t live in fear of what others have to say. He also says the biggest lesson for him in 2016 was that he has to love more.

It would be recalled that the Thor star and his Grammy award winning ex met each other’s parents during their brief romance and everyone had thought they might have had a real chance before it came crashing down.