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Tony Bellew Reveals He Doesn’t Plan On Buying A Rolls-Royce Because Of His Kids

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Tony Bellew has taken a jab at his rival, David Haye after posing in front of the latter’s Rolls-Royce earlier in the week.

Ahead of their bout today, the ‘Bomber’ insists he will never be a Flash Harry and is banking his fight money for his children rather than splashing the cash on lavish luxuries.

He revealed that while he could afford Rolls-Royce Wraith which costs £240,000, he will never buy one because he is earning for his kids and banking it for them.

Tony Bellew

The fighter who has 11 year old and and 8 year old children revealed he would rather treat himself to a pair of Louboutin instead.

He also made it known his kids are currently in Dubai and he would love to go meet them soon right after his fight with Haye.

Haye is known for taking pride in his luxury ride and Bellew saying he would never buy one is clearly a jibe.