Tupac Dear MAMA Handwritten Lyrics Up For Sale At $75,000

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Late icon rapper of all times, Tupac Dear Mama handwritten lyrics has been put up for sale at MomentsInTime.com for $75,000. The late rapper used 3 sheets of notebook paper to write out the lyrics so that places each sheet at $25k.

The sheets were said to have been sourced from the studio where the Temptation rapper recorded the track and it was acquired by a private collector in Poland.

The lucky owner would not only get to have the first hand experience of the lyrics but also have the notes jotted by the side by the rapper himself.

Tupac's Dear MAMA Handwritten Lyrics Up For Sale

There would also be names of rappers he may have been thinking about featuring and a much more graphic note on the last page.

Rapper Tupac might have died well over two decades ago but we all know that the impact he made in the music industry is one that would continue to live on for ever and that is why he got his own biopic.

Tupac’s biopic was released last year with snippets first coming out in April 2016.