Twitter Trolls Lady Gaga For allegedly Getting Face Surgery

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Songstress Lady Gaga is not new to getting trolled and usually it is for her bizzare looks but when the singer is beginning to look fresh faced and more beautiful than we remember her, many twitter users are calling her an impostor.

The drama started when the “A Million Reasons” crooner performed at the X Factor and many were of the opinion that her face was too tight and she must have had surgery on her face.

lady gaga

The 30 year old was the subject of debates as some took to her defence to say that is how she has always been beneath all the crazy outfits while some simply said that she is an impostor of the real Lady Gaga.

Her diehard fans of course defended her and said that she was the same Lady Gaga and people should concentrate on her vocals rather than her face.


The blonde beauty has been in the spotlight for her music since releasing her album, Joanne and recently performed at the Victoria Secrets Show in Paris while also getting ready to headline the Super Bowl next year.