Tyga Doesn’t Take Off His Jewelry While Sleeping

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It appears that Tyga considers himself so much of a real life king that we have learnt he absolutely refuses to take off his chain even while he is in bed.

We also learn that his beau, Kylie Jenner is not so cool with this because it disturbs her beauty sleep.

Sources close to the couple claim that Kylie has complained to Tyga more than once that she needs him to take off his jewelry but he tells her a king always sleeps in full regalia including jewelry.

We can only imagine what it must feel like for Kylie if this report is true because then it means she has to lay her head on what feels like a chain link fence at night.

It would be recalled that Kylie gave Tyga a diamond encrusted bracelet for his 27th birthday so again it makes us wonder, if she has problems with his chains, while give him more jewelry?