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Vandals Destroy Statue Of Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi recently lost out to arch football rival, Cristiano Ronaldo at the FIFA’S Player of the Year Award. We have however learnt that few hours before that announcement was made, a bronze statue of Lionel Messi was chopped in half by some vandals.

The statue which was erected after Lionel Messi revealed that he was retiring had been unveiled in June in Buenos Aires.

Statue Of Lionel Messi

The vandals destroyed the head, arms and torso of the statue forcing the government to reveal that it is working on making sure it gets repaired. As of right now, the police have not made any announcement about the perpetrators.

It would be recalled that while receiving his FIFA award, Ronaldo took a swipe at Messi for not attending the ceremony which held in Zurich.