Vera Sidika Twerks Up For Storm For Her Man And Advises Women To Do Same

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Twerking became a household name after international singer, Miley Cyrus twerkeed against Robin Thicke during their 2013 VMAs performance.

Since then we have been seen a lot of twerking and video vixen believes that ladies need to do this for their man. Vera Sidika posted photos and a video on Instagram in which she is seen twerking for her man and calls him the luckiest man.

She went on to say he gets regular twerk shows and any lady that doesn’t do this for her man at least once a week is probably still living in the 15th century. According to her, she is practising towards valentine.

Vera who participated who is a former contestant on Big Brother Africa had once revealed in an interview that she doesn’t wear panties after rumours went round that she stripped during the course of the show.