Yung6ix Opens Up On ‘Friend’ Who Tried To Kill Him

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Sometime last year, there was drama surrounding Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix after he alleged that a ‘friend’ of his, P.R.E who happens to be the son of former Petroleum minister, Dan Etete tried to kill him.

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, Yung6ix has now opened up more on that incident. According to the rapper, he doesn’t know why his friend would want to kill him but that is one of the most shocking moments of his life.

He went on to say they had been in the studio when P.R.E came with a gun and attempted to shoot him but luckily the gun jammed and everybody ran away. He said although they had issues then, it had not been enough reason for someone he considers a friend to want to murder him.

The issue they had was Yung6ix saying he couldn’t be present for a shooting of P.R.E’s music video because he was busy shooting his in Abuja.

He said he had even told him that as soon as he is back in Lagos, he would shoot his part and cover the cost only to get to Lagos and have the incident happen. Yung6ix also revealed he had to report the matter to the police and P.R.E who lived near him was moved out of the estate.

Back when the incident happened IN August of 2016, Yung6ix slammed P.R.E for posting a song they did together on social media and came out to say this was the friend he had been talking about that tried kill him who was still has the audacity to act like nothing happened.

He said while P.R.E’s father’s money might be able to keep him out of jail, he (Yung6ix) knows that karma will catch up with P.R.E.